War Diary – Gallipoli

War Diaries were written on printed forms and should have been completed each day by the unit’s Adjutant.  The War Diary which 58 Bde kept in 1915 was handwritten in pencil – a preferred method of writing due to its reliability and the lack of need of ink for a fountain pen.  It will have been completed by an officer sitting in a small dug out, writing perhaps by candle-light and sometimes under shell-fire, so the spelling, grammar and punctuation were often imperfect.  The diary copied here aims to be a faithful transcription of what was written, mistakes and mis-spellings and all.  Comments and explanations are included in [square brackets and italics] to try to help the reader. 

A unit had to keep a War Diary when it was sent abroad during periods of conflict.  This is why 58 Bde’s War Diary only begins on 29 Jun 1915 when the brigade was ordered overseas after nearly a year in training.  The following is produced courtesy of The National Archives, WO95/4298.

PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
Milford29/6/1510.30 amReceived orders to head to port of embarkation.
Port of Embarkation [Devonport]1/7/15 Arrived.  13 officers, 464 Other Ranks, 407 horses, 12 guns, 63 (4-wheeled) vehicles, & 5 (2-wheeled) vehicles & embarked on SS “Knight Templar”.  [This was A, B and C Batteries, plus the headquarters.  The Brigade Ammunition Column remained in the UK and D Battery sailed separately a few days later].
  3.30 pmSailed.
At sea2/7/15 Fine weather, calm sea.  Escort left ship at 7.0 am.
Devonport4/7/15 D Battery, 58th Bde RFA embarked on SS “Karroo” 4 officers, 113 Other Ranks, 4 guns, 8 ammn wagons, 1 water cart.
Gibraltar5/7/1510.30 pmPassed Gibraltar
Malta9/7/1511.0 amArrived at Malta.  Left Malta 2.30 pm.
Alexandria12/7/1510.30 amArrived in Alexandria. 
 15/7/15 Went into camp at Zahrieh, Alexandria.
Alexandria19/7/15 D Battery arrived Zahrieh.
Zahrieh21/7/15 GCM [General Court Martial] on 83002 Wheeler Key (awarded [left blank.  Arthur Key was in fact sentenced to 6 months’ hard labour which was commuted to 21 days of Field Punishment No.2.]
Zahrieh22/7/15 GCM on Gunner McGuire (awarded [left blank.  George McGuire was in fact sentenced to 56 days’ Field Punishment No.2]
Zahrieh24/7/15 1 officer, 32 Other Ranks, 16 guns, 32 ammn wagons, 4 water carts, telephone wagon embarked on SS “Soldanha” for overseas.
Zahrieh26/7/15 GCM on 20401 A/Br D Smith (awarded [left blank.  Daniel Smith was in fact sentenced to 6 months’ hard labour which was commuted to 84 days of Field Punishment No.2 and he also reverted to Gunner]
Alexandria28/7/15 15 officers, 235 Other Ranks embarked on HMT [Hired Military Transport] “Inkosi” for overseas.
 29/7/159.30 amSailed.
Lemnos1/8/159.30 amArrived Lemnos.
Lemnos2/8/15 RCM [Regimental Court Martial] on No.80771 Gr Davidson (awarded 42 days detention)
Anfarta Bay9/8/15 1st barge with Lt Col HM Drake RFA and 2/Lt R A Jones with Headquarters Staff disembarked the HMT “SUEVIC” & landed at B Beach.
   2nd & 3rd barges were landed at ‘C’ Beach, owing to heavy fire on B Beach.
   Capt R G Angus got caught with 2nd Barge on boom.
   Lt Col H M Drake & 2/Lt R A Jones went to “ANZAC” [beach] where they found the guns of A & B batteries in Reserve Gulley.
   C and ½ D Battery went into action with the New Zealanders, & Australians, & our limber gunners (32) in charge an 2/Lieut Ellison (3 casualties among these
 10/8/15 2 more of D Battery guns were brought up to ANZAC DERE. No escort.
   Horses from A Battery were sent for guns from LALA BABA.  These & the battery returned to LALA BABA on the 11th inst.
 11/8/15 Escort which went wrong yesterday turned up at 10 a.m. & 2 coys, 170 men.  Half were sent on the ANZAC DERE & remainder left for B Battery.  A Battery had 1 horse killed & 2 injured on the journey.  B, C & D Battery limber gunners still in action.
 12/8/15 C & D Battery horses arrived at Reserve Gully, & C guns were taken to LALA BABA.  B Battery horses returned without guns owing to having been blocked by Heavy Battery, & numerous other accidents.
   Headquarters staff marched along beach to LALA BABA, B & D Battery horses arrived & both marched to LALA BABA position.
 13/8/15 A & C Batteries had taken up positions on lower slope of KAPANGA CERT HILL.  B & D Battery positions were recombined, & at night D Battery was brought into action near A & C Batteries.
 14/8/15 A, C & D Batteries.  Targets registered with a view to supporting 53rd & 54th Divisions.
 15/8/15 A, C & D all in action chiefly registering near (WELL) CHARAK CHESUE 117.L about. Not much shooting on our part, B Battery still at LALA BABA in action until 9.30 p.m., then shifted to HILL 10.  At 11.30 the brigade was ordered to be placed at the disposal of CRA 10th Division [the Commander Royal Artillery of 10th Division was Brig Gen G S Duffus] to support a infantry attack & which was to commence at 1 p.m. (1300) with a view to taking KIDNEY HILL which is at the top of KAPANGA CERT.  Batteries fired most of afternoon in support, but attack was only partially successful.  At night B Battery took up position behind a small hill on plain about 3/4 mile from other Batteries.
HILL 1016/8/15 A, C & D all in action.  B went wrong getting into new position.  Comparatively heavy shelling on part of enemy.  Advance on our part (infantry) advance.  A Battery – 2 guns on trenches, 2 guns on ranges.  ‘C’ Battery have now lost 17 or 18 horses.  A Battery had one wagon burnt & 1 gun went out of action yesterday thro’ inner spring case giving bung.
 17/8/158.30 a.m.Whistling Rufus HE (6″ how) quite busy today. Several very near, one piece just came back 400x [400 yards] from where shell burst & landed on our dugout.  B Battery managed to get into action.  Ranged and registered.  C Battery had three men wounded today, 1 fairly serious.  Water cart blown up. More firing by enemy than usual today especially (6″ hows). D Battery silenced gun at 7000x [7000 yards] & knocked out 3 houses.  Gen Duffies [Duffus] seemed pleased with RA 58th Bde.   Night quiet.
 18/8/15 Opened quiet.  A few pip squeaks about but apparently not much damages being done.  Heavy firing for a bit.  A Battery registering from fresh position. 
   D Battery shelling houses and trenches quite successful. 
   C, A & B Batteries – nothing much. 
   Fresh zones allotted at night, but night lines not changed.
 19/8/15 Our guns quiet in morning.  D Battery on trenches a few rounds, later, on a battery 30 rds [rounds].  Result not known.
  4 p.m.C & D registering.
Gallipoli20/8/15 Fairly quiet all day.  Capt Allen D Battery had a shot at a few houses.  Remaining batteries only registering, 00 rds. 
  12 noonSnipers busy.  One bullet kicked up dust & sent a shower of dirt over Capt Angus. 
  2 a.m.Bit of a scare.  Stood to guns & opened fire for a few minutes till scare died down.  Up to 10.00 quiet.
 21/8/15 Great battle today.  Further particulars later.  Casualties: A, B, C – nil. A. 8 horses killed.  D. 1 driver wounded, 11 horses killed & 1 horse wounded.  Others nil.  
   Attack seems to have been successful. 
   A – Valley KIUPREDERE
 22/8/15 Lines of fire: A & C BAKA BABA.  B & D slopes of ABRIKJA.  Quiet all day.  2/LIEUT MONKS sick,  2 men wounded.
 23/8/15 Colonel to see CRA 1840.  Nothing to record.
 24/8/15 Turks observed working 136.m.6 [these are map references].  Registered 1400.  Howitzer shelled houses backed up by shrapnel.
 25/8/15 Naval officer reports guns shelling from NULLAH, N of 106.b.8.  Enemy seen in AGHILL & to H of AGHILL.  13 horses wounded.  3 had to be destroyed.
 26/8/15 7 horses killed.  One battery fire a few rounds at what might have been concealed guns.
 27/8/15 Fired a few rounds at a Turkish well also house just below pt 9, 100 yds south of well.
 28/8/15 Fired a few rounds in direction of KEUPRIE DERE NULLAH early this morning in support of infantry.
 29/8/15 A Battery gun back in action after spring case got from 59 Bde RFA.  Registered a few retaliation rounds & a few at a working party near mouth of KEUPRIE DERE.  87th relieved 88th [presume 87th and 88th Inf Bdes of 29th Division].  Position of guns 119.G.6.  One HE caused explosion & gun not fired since.  Turkish dressing shed located 105.F.4, all batteries warned.  Points registered by B 118.m.2 L of S 10’ elevation corr 132 3025. 
   118.m.4/4 line of sight 10’ E corrector 132 1925. 
   53rd Divn report view of Turkish lines on 150x SW of first A of ANAFARTA.  Large body of troops located in square 118.P.6.
   Request sent for 50 rds to be fired at gun emplacement (machine gun).
 30/8/15 D Battery took them on & did good work, put heart in infantry.  Horses lent to shift 55 [presume 55 Bde RFA, 10th Division] from beach to new position near LALA BABA.  Turkish Headquarters reported at 118.O.1.  We took this on with B Battery & dispersed them. 
   Red crescent hoisted at 118.O.1.  D Battery fired 10 rounds at trenches.  Orders received for one battery to be at disposal of 33rd Infy Bde.  Ammunition limited except in emergency to 50 rds per day. 
   Turks building an emplacement 118.R.2.  Turks reported 118.P.6 & 119.L.4 reported to 59th Bde but no use to them as over 6000x
 31/8/15 86th Infy Bde [part of 29th Division] reports small guns shelling them from slopes of KAVAK TEPE. 
   Reported heavy guns 100yds of 106.G.1.
SUVLA BAY1/9/15 Observation officers report that there are small groups of Turks continually passing and repassing square 105.J.6/9.  D Battery fired at machine gun on hill at the request of the infantry – appeared successful.  Firing over infantry this morning was a Turkish well (sic) previously registered.  Should be well ahead of infantry.  Turkish traffic stopped.
  15.50Received a message that 2 subalterns of A/58 was wounded: 2/LIEUT ELLISON slight wound in elbow & 2/LIEUT BRAGG very serious in legs (one amputated).  Gnr CRAIG ? also wounded.  Officers ordered to take cover in separate dug-outs.  Same shell that hit 2/Lieut Bragg also damaged 2/Lieut Ellison, direct hit.  Shell did not burst but fuse came off. 
   Gun reported in square 118.Z.4/6 registered by Battery, not since fired so far as our observation goes.  Supply depot was located in squares 136.X.5 & was fired at 3 times during day.
   Track visible (used during day) in square 105.F.2.
   Injuries to 2/Lieut Ellison reported to RA Left Flank – they request to forward information to DAG & GHQ.
  13.46Registered by D Battery 136.X.5.
   Turks 105.F.2 continually observable from ‘A’ Battery observation officer
  19.55RA Left Flank report JEFFERSON’S POST [presume JEPHSON’S POST] is being attacked, support it with all guns available.
  19.40Please shell all enemy line in front of our trenches, enemy appear to be attacking in force.  This message received from 33rd infantry Brigade).
  19.50Turks reported attacking on SOUTHERN SLOPES of RIDGE SOUTH of JEFFERSON’S POST.
 3/9/1518.15‘C’ Battery established a new observation post in firing line of 87th Bde & registered points.  D Battery fired at machine guns on KAPANJA SIRT at request of 33rd Infy Bde.  Otherwise only retaliation rounds fired.  B Battery now has observation post in 86th Bde firing lines.
  18.50Anti aircraft gun at 118.Z.4 & something at 105.D.9 already reported.  86th Bde report shelling from direction of KAVAK TEPE; have not yet located new positions of guns.
  19.00Nominal roll of officers called for by RA LEFT.
Suvla  4/9/1509.0033rd Infy Bde wire.  If enemy shell ridge please retaliate immediately.  
  Sanitary boundary fixed – by O.C. Col. & A.P.M. [Officer Commanding Column and Assistant Provost Marshal]
 09.23Wire received: re-horses to go away.  2/LIEUT BORTHWICK B Battery warned to be ready to proceed at a moments notice in charge.  Following horses & men being sent away.  1 officer B Battery.
               men        horses
  A            22            44
  B            31            61
  C            20            39
  D            19            38
  Col.        22            43
  Hd Qrs.     3             7 
  Total     116        230
 2/Lieut H M Dawson was later detailed in charge of the party vice 2/Lieut Borthwick.
  11.50Asked for reinforcements: 1 field officer, 3 subalterns, 35 gunners, 20 drivers.
  13.08Enemy battery reported in square 136.P.5/2.  B Battery ranged on this.
  14.00Received instructions not to fire H.E. until further orders.
  14.30Batteries shelling communications trench near HILL 28 & HQ 86th Bde.
  16.12Frontage to be covered by our night lines is extended – now runs from AGHIL 136.R.[final digit unreadable] W to 118.W.5.
  18.35Enemy battery enfilading LALA BABA from 136.O.-  Instructed to engage by R.A.L.
  18.57To R.A.L. “Two guns seen from HILL 28 and 105.D.5/8 registered by B Battery.  Not been observed firing since.  Guns located at 136.O.2 commenced firing but ceased when NAVY took on this target.”  All other rounds fired during the day were in retaliation as ordered.  
  Frequent reports of shell from own side falling in infantry trenches.  Lines were checked and it was found that this Brigade had not fired in that direction.
  21.15From R.A.L.  Targets for retaliatory firing tomorrow redoubt and trenches on ridge on E slopes of KIDNEY HILL, trenches W of Kidney Hill and both AGHILS except TURKISH DRESSING STATION, also any points where activity or guns noticed as active.  Specified Batteries should be told off to watch for activity of special guns.
Suvla5/9/1507.0333rd Infy Bde has established post 6 men 100 yards along ridge in front of Jephsons post (from R.A.L)
  09.15C.R.A & Adj 58th Bde selected positions for guns on ridge (135.X)
  09.18C Battery F.O.O. [Forward Observation Officer] reports having located gun square 136.U.  Fired seven rounds, silenced gun.
  11.25Applied for services of I.O.M. for A Battery’s guns.
  15.10Enemy reported digging square 118.R.4.  Reported this to howitzers.
  18.40Have postponed removal of gun to ridge (KAPANJA SIRT) until 6/9/15 on a/c of tonight’s operations which require support of battery concerned.
  18.52C Battery located two guns 136.U.3, target registered & have not been observed to fire since.
Suvla Bay6/9/1507.25To R.A.L. “Of the two guns firing on beach, one a 6 inch how: is in KEUPRU DERE NULLAH behind enemy dressing stations.”
  07.40To RAL “The other gun is 125o from my O.P. [observation post] 117.G.6/9.  Naval fire on this appears short”.
   B Battery F.O.O. reports having fired at gun believed to be 6 inch how: in square 105.F. between 5/8.  It has now ceased firing.
  08.20From R.A.L. Orders for retaliation :- 5 rounds per gun per day should suffice if intelligently used.
  12.23From R.A.L. Records of fire asked for each day by 1900.
  19.1033rd Infantry Bde ask for guns to be trained on trench running south from BENCH MARK :- D Battery three guns on this.
  18.30Gun located 137.H.5/7 this gun shelled beach.  Information forwarded R.A.L. – beyond range of these guns.
SUVLA BAY7/9/1510.15From R.A.L. “Report at once if gun 137.H.5/7 fires again.  NAVY going to engage.
  11.23D Battery FOO reports enemy seen digging trench about 118.M.2 passed to B Battery who reports enemy established, no one visible.
   B Battery report during last two days a redoubt has been completed by enemy having at least one machine gun and is surrounded by wire 136.Q.4.
  14.03B Battery report enemy shelling KURKURTLI PUNAR.
  14.12B Battery located gun 137.M.4
  14.12C Battery report gun in 136.K.7
  13.55‘C’ Battery fired at gun reported in square 136.K.7
  16.20Received from Brigade Major. 3 fuzes which dropped from shell in their lines, a little NE 118.L.  This house was heavily shelled by a Turkish battery from a slightly NE direction.  We hold 4 wells near the house.  L of F [line of fire] 119.C.1.  Ordered batteries to take line of fire of flashes of guns at night, & slight alterations to fire record.
 8/9/1509.00Message from Brigade Major: if 137.H.5/7 opens fire can you observe fire of HMS TALBOT 
   Replied: light bad.  Later, position can be seen from O.P. on KAPANJA SIRT 135.X.5/8.  Suggest naval officer observing at JEPHSON’S POST could be put in telephone communication with our observation post for this firing.
  15.08Brigade Major’s message, asking if we have located gun which has been shelling N.W. of ridge.  Reply, gun known to be hidden behind KIDNEY HILL or perhaps N.E. cannot see it.  Forward O. officers have all tried to locate it.
 9/9/1511.15Report received from R.A. LEFT with reference to H.E. [high explosive shells, as opposed to usual shrapnel shells fired by 18 pdr guns]   H.E. may be used with time detonators removed, but great care must be taken to see that time rings have not shifted, & are set at percussion.  Prematures reported to have occurred in 59 FAB even with detonator removed.  CRA 9th CORPS wishes particulars of make of these shells noted.
  12.00GHQ [General Headquarters] calls for nature of H.E. whether Lyddite or TNT.  Also make & mark on shell.  Also if they are all one make or different firms.  Report sent.
   D Battery O.O. reports lots of enemy’s stores 100x to right & 100x rear of 3 poplars square 135.Z.7.
  19.00B.G.R.A. [Brigadier General Royal Artillery] wishes for future, the following amount of rounds kept in Regimental charge in front of Park (18 pr) 378 rounds per gun.  Amounts expended daily should be drawn from Park next morning.
  20.45Message received from B.M. [Brigade Major] 9th CORPS.  Send officer tomorrow morning to reconnoitre positions for two. 4 gun batteries on N. side of RIDGE.  Objectives trenches in front of our Line & guns on N side of HILLS beyond them.
 10/9/1510.02F.O.O. reports enemy active about 118.M.8/9.  Turks digging in communication trench.
  10.30Message to R.A.L.  B Battery.  HILL 10 heavily shelled 5.9 H.E. apparently from direction of KEUPRE DERE.  Can Heavy Battery, or Howitzers assist.
  11.10B Batteries observation officer reports can see howitzers firing at them square 105.F.4/2.  New big gun just located 105.D.5/3 is low down in entrance of NULLAH reported to R.A.L.
  11.30F.O.O. D Battery reports considerable activity on part of enemy behind KIDNEY HILL.  I have a point approximately registered.  May I fire a few rounds.  Replied yes.  
  12.52Message from BM 9th Corps HMS VENERABLE going to fire on new gun located.  Can you observe their fire.
  12.40A Turkish machine gun seen on HILL in square 135.U between 8/9.  Infantry want a battery to get on to it & knock it out.
  13.08D Battery O.P. report gun firing at JEPHSON’S POST approximately 137.M.4.  It is the same gun that was firing near B Battery O.P. yesterday.  Good target for Navy.  Reported to R.A.L. beyond our range.
  14.25D Battery O.O. reports another gun been seen firing on JEPHSON’S POST located square 136.Q.2 fired few rounds shrapnel.
  14.40B Battery going to register in square 137.Y.7 at request of infantry.  Turks can be frequently seen.
  15.072/Lt Cameron B Battery reports howitzer in square 105.F.5/8 is firing.  B Battery replying.
  15.45D Battery report gun firing in direction of HdQrs is the one near ANAFARTA & the one the Navy have just been shelling. 
  16.04BM message received re H.E.  All H.E. to have point scraped off before use.
 11/9/1508.37Message to R.A. LEFT.  Would you please arrange that my one gun on N. side of Ridge be put under orders of O.C. Heavy Battery for night firing in event of attack.  Without very elaborate telephone arrangements I cannot control.  His O.P. only 50 yds away.
 12/9/1510.40Message from Bde HdQrs to R.A. LEFT. Battery small guns shelling ground about 117.R located square 105.T.2/6 just N. of MAIN CREST about 12 mins below it.  Very long range for us.  Another battery firing same time over our heads was located about 136.U.  C Battery fired & howitzers were firing same direction, but F.O.O. C Battery on HILL 28 think they were a bit long in range, & were falling in NULLAH behind guns.
  17.00Mineral jelly, 2lbs per gun allowed for buffers, available at WEST BEACH.
SUVLA BAY13/9/1515.30Message from R A LEFT: Have 4 teams tonight at CHARAK CHESME at 19.30 to take wagons of A/55 FAB into position.
  16.20Turks digging in 136.V.8 up the NULLAH behind their trenches, can you get a howitzer on to them as the 18pdr trajectory is too flat.
  17.55Turks very busy large working parties square 105.J.5 told B Battery to open fire on them.
  15.30D Battery firing in conjunction with Infantry at machine guns emplacements.  Result, several direct hits.
  15.17C Battery reports Turks in large bodies in direction of ANAFARTA SAGIR apparently moving guns.
 14/9/15 Cold & cloudy first thing, working up for rain, rain during night 14/15.  Cleared up after 7 am.
  07.15A Battery F.O.O. every sign of large bivouac square 105.J.2.  Smoke & men visible amongst scrub, this is S of old emplacement to right of KEUPRU DERE Nullah.
  14.07F.O.O A. Battery reports about 20 Turks in the grass in field about 136.W.18.
  15.30O.O. reports Turks going for water to a well 136X about 50x from 2 red cresent flags, no sign of digging or other operations.  Shall not open fire without further orders.
  17.53Report from 88 Infy Bde.  The enemy are putting 20pdr shells into Well house in the Worcesters Lines.  The direction of fire is apparently from in front of Worcesters.
 15/9/1509.15W.O. [War Office] orders no H.E. to be fired from 18 pdrs until further orders.
  14.3234 Infy Bde reports that snipers & Machine Guns are giving trouble from trenches on KIRITCH TEPE.  Shell trench between bench mark and redout R.A.L.
  21.02Message rec’d from BM. RAL. H.E. shells are to be tested for guage by inserting in muzzle as far as they will go.  Any over guage to be put aside, & make etc. noted.  Guns with weak springs will remove & stretch each if not broken to about one nick beyond original length & they will be good for 100 rds.
   Enemy working party reported at 16.51 at 136.V.2, disperse them if there & if you can observe.
SUVLA16/9/1514.50Message from BM RAL.  Did you observe or locate a gun firing last night or this morning at our aeroplane.  Reply: Flash 68o taken from 135.X.7/8 last night 22.18.  Gun firing at aeroplane not located.
 17/9/1510.05Message from S.C. [Staff Captain] RAL.  For the present reckon your correct establishment as 75 Other Ranks per Battery, not including Bde HdQrs.  Forward me numbers to complete this Establishment, specifying Officers, NCOs, Gunners & Drivers.  Officers lent from 13th Div Arty should not be reckoned.
   B Battery report party of Turks been noticed working in 136.V.8 & we have been firing at them.
  14.47From B.M. R.A.L. Telephonists at your F.O. [forward observation] stations must also be signallers & be ready to establish visual communication of [presume ‘if’] cables break down & an emergency arises.  It is presumed you have the necessary flags, Helios & lamps for this purpose.  Visual will not be used so long as any alternative means exists of communicating by cable.  If used care must be taken to avoid sending messages which will help the enemy from rear to front.  Usually the answering signal will be all that is required.
   2/LIEUT EDNEY-HAYTER JAN 4th temporarily attached from 13th DIVN.
 18/9/1509.25JEPHESONS POST being heavily shelled, are you engaging enemy batteries, if not, do so.
   B battery firing on howitzer in square 105.F.8/9.
   CRA IX Corps directs all BCs [Battery Commanders] to take every opportunity of going in turn to SULAJIK & its vicinity to see the Country from there.  Excellent view of trenches to N of 118.V.6 105.B.3.  Former of these to be carefully examined as a site for one or more sections in certain eventualities. Major Duncan, GS [General Staff] 11th Divn is making a reconnaissance of enemy line from about 118.V to KIRETCH TEPE.  Send a Battery Commander to accompany him.  Suggest Captn Allen has he as already a knowledge of Turkish trenches on that line.  Your officer should meet Major Duncan at CHARAK CHESME at 14.15.
  14.45Report from B.M. R.A.L.  Two men who said they were Captain Hall & a Major both Hants Regt were in our Lines last night.  If they are seen detain them, & report.  Strange officers approaching Battery Bivouacs etc are not to be talked to except by officers, & then with caution.  Above men will probably attempt to get out through our Lines tonight.
   C Battery report, great activity is observed, redout square 105.D.8 can we fire. 
 19/9/1506.26O.C. B Battery reports.  He as been firing at dug-outs targets in square 118.J.2.
  09.59Two guns reported firing from 119.B.3/6 out of my range.  Have been firing at a gun square 106.A.1/5.
  11.15We have just been firing at supposed gun in square 118.Y.10.
  11.25Brigadier 87th Infy Bde asks that something heavier than 18 prs may be turned on guns in 119.B.3/6 as they have worried his lines a good deal.
  16.53Guns in 119.B.3 again active.
SUVLA20/9/1510.14B Battery going to fire at a Turkish Blockhouse, rebuilt & recently occupied in square 118.H.7/8 at the result of Infy.
  10.35C Battery report gun 105.P.5/6 firing on plain.
SUVLA21/9/1510.26From 15th Heavy’s.  [15th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, attached to 10th (Irish) Division].  Inform me when guns at 119.B.3 to 6 open fire in order that I may engage them. Could you F.O.O. observe for ourselves, R.A.L. has requested me to communicate with you.
  08.32To R.A.L.  Guns in 119.B.3/6 now firing.
  08.40B Battery new arc will extend approximately from Bench Mark to CHAKAL CHAIR 119.Q.V diagram follows. 
  10.12At 09.50 59th FAB were firing at guns near ANAFARTA.  We could see puff of gun left of windmill, burst of 59th appeared 1O of windmill as far as we could judge, line was correct but range short.
   From B.M. R.A.L. Report how many time detinators have been extracted from No. 80/44 fuzes with H.E. shell.
  15.37Message from R.A.L.  Gun in direction of 105.P.6/8 reported firing.  Another report places the dun 106.M.
  15.40Can remove time pellet from H.E. fuzes.  Shall I commence doing so.  Well take some time owing to scarcity of tools.  Reply NO.
 22/9/1507.40Apparently heavy bombing heard, could not locate, but sounded in direction of JEPHSON’S POST.
  15.23Smoke of guns firing in direction of beach spotted about 105.O.5 top of RIDGE.  O.O. B Batty.
SUVLA23/9/1508.03Report from 15th (Heavy’s) Guns in line from us to WINDMILL are shelling plain, out of my range.
  11.5088TH Infy Bde reports.  Enemy Howitzers have dropped 3 shells on the left of our line, was fired from 136.O.2/6 at a range of about 3050 metres, please stop this if possible.
  12.00A Battery report having guaged 500 rds shrapnel, all passed test after point had been removed.  3 H.E. did not pass muzzle test.
  1200Message rec’d from R.A.L.  Send me as soon as possible a new diagram of your telephone communicates, shewing Signal Corps lines continuous, Battery or Brigade lines dotted.  Where lines are duplicated show them by double lines.
  11.45A large shell dropped close behind our lines at 11.20.  This appears to have been fired by a Howitzer.  Please look into matter.  Shell were dropping into our lines last night during registrations.  Please acknowledge.
  15.00Message from CRA IX Corp, any prematures in the bore of Shrapnel Shell are to be reported.  Report whether any have been known to occur.
  16.54Report from R.A.L.  Close to the nearest WINDMILL is what looks like a big bush.  Something on wheels has just gone in there & subsequently 30 or 40 men went into the nearest WINDMILL.  The guns on KAVAK TEPE are field guns, a shell fired at C Battery shews this.  F.O.O. places them 119.B.3.
SUVLA24/9/15 B Battery reports bearing of 2. 6” Guns firing at 19.30 last night to be 120O & 129O from 117.R.9
   Captn Franklin [OIC C/58] reports.  Gun that is firing is further round to the left in the gullies & my F.O.O. cannot see them.
   G.O.C.IX Corp. Wishes to know how your guns were employed during enemy bombardment between 18.00 & 18.30 yesterday.  Did you locate guns shelling ships.
   Reply.  No guns could be located that were firing at our trenches.  The 3 Batteries A. C. & D. then fired 19 rounds on the enemies trenches in retaliation, stopping when the enemies fire ceased.  One flash observed from here bearing 121O this was reported last night.  Two other flashes reported this morning from B Battery 117.R.9 bearing 120o & 129o as reported at 18.30.  These 3 bearings refer to guns firing at ships.
   88TH Infy Bde report position of Turkish dug outs in 136.V.100x N.W. of 5 are constantly seen walking about.
   G.O.C. IX Corps wishes emplacements for new batteries prepared before their arrival, detail a Battery Commander to superintend the work.  An infantry working party to be supplied.  B.C. Detailed will meet GEN DUFFRIES [DUFFUS] at 15 H B [15th Heavy Battery] observation post at 0900 tomorrow.  Major REEVES [possibly OIC A/58] detailed.
 25/9/15 Message rec’d from B.M. R.A.L. Did anyone observe the Turks Anti Air Craft gun firing yesterday.
   R.A.L. Flash of enemys gun fired towards sea last night at 22.00 bearing 125o from 117.G.5.
   No firing is to take place on to or near HILL 60 square 92.J between 11.00 & 17.00.
   F.O.O. C Battery reports same Battery firing in direction of AGHIL 136.V falling very near our trenches.  My Batteries not firing.
  19.10R.A.L. 86th Infy Bde report 12.45 shell into trench right of their line 118.A.7/8 to G.2 not my batteries.
   To R.A.L. B Battery going to fire 6 rds 3 at each of 2 targets at 20.00 tonight at request of Infantry.
SUVLA26/9/1507.22R.A.L. & 15 (H) Battery – My F.O.O. reports big gun firing now is in direction of Windmill.  Cancel my F.E.H. 82 gun believed to be other side of W. HILLS bearing 128½o from 117.G.5.
   Message from R.A.LEFT.  From various observations, fire at midnight & after 01.00 was mainly from S.E. corner, square 105.P bearing 125O from here 117.G.5 with some flashes about bearing 132o from here.  This morning 07.45 smoke just seen on far side of HILL bearing 132o gun must be to the Left of this.  Firing at 06.00 guns not located light very bad.
  09.37Did you observe any indication of location of guns which shelled trenches S of JEPHSON’S POST this morning.
   R.A.L.  Gun just N. highest point of KAVAK TEPE believed to have fired, but cannot guarantee this.  Other information already reported.
  10.59R.A.L.  Gun shelling rear of CHOCOLATE HILL located 10.55 located 1½o right of WINDMILL from 117.G.5.   
  11.353 guns firing towards CHOCOLATE HILL located fairly accurately 106.B.6, 106.A.2, junction of square 118, 119, 105, 106, later [presume ‘latter’] new to me.
SUVLA27/9/15 Message rec’d from B.M. R.A.L. Batteries are to understand that retaliatory firing is to be carried out when ever any guns are shelling our lines or beaches, whether such shelling is directed at Left or Right Flank.
  11.50Gun fired from Easterly direction firing on square 118.R.3.  Shell pitched short of our trenches.
  17.43A gun fired from direction of WINDMILL about 400 yds short of S. of O.S. 4 rds.
  11.5Message rec’d from S.C. R.A.L. Following reinforcements arriving MUDROS 25TH inst. for your Brigade.  Have been ordered to report to IX Corps. 
  17.43LIEUT MC. KUSKER, 2/LIEUTS C. C. FRENCH, H. W. DOLPHIN & C. WHITNEY & 81 other ranks.
  20.18F.O.O. reports (How’s) fired at a bearing of 67o from O.S. 135.X.9.  
   Enemy have manned trenches at BENCH MARK and are sniping heavily, fired a few rds at BENCH MARK & TRENCH EAST of it, 23.55.
  19.10What appeared to be an overflow of a night-attack from direction of CHOCOLATE HILL.  Started and spread pretty well along our Line at 19.20, some rockets were sent up by enemy.  Vast difference in appearance of rockets, some appeared to have a streak of fire & have a very low trajectory, others appeared quite ordinary.
  19.40Navy reported firing on Guns at back of W. HILLS good work put in.
  19.45Navy reported firing on Guns at WINDMILL
  19.47Turks not shelling our trenches much, an occasional round here & there, most of the activity appeared to be in C Battery zone & 87TH Infy Bde.  Fire showed signs of slackening off at 19.49.  Turks sending up red rockets from back of W. HILLS.  Navy playing up well.
  19.52Rifle fire slackening off, activity mostly in area 3 poplars.  A & D & C firing:
     (A) – KEUPRU DERE & BENCH MARK of JEPHSON’S POST direction (79 rds)
     (D) – BENCH MARK & PIMPLE (28 rds),
     (C) – under orders of 87th Infy Bde (56 rds).
  19.55D Battery ceased firing, enemy’s guns mostly active between CHOCOLATE HILL & MAIN RIDGE.
  20.00Fire slackening off a good deal.
  20.14Star shell reported going up about direction of 3 POPLARS.
  20.20All quiet.
  20.526 rounds D Battery.
  20.556 or 8 rounds (How’s)
 28/9/1516.1588TH Infy Bde reports, guns firing from about 136.M.6 (18pr) are putting shell into Worcesters Lines, can you do anything.
   Howitzers report having fired 2 rds on spot indicated, but regret can observe from here.
   [No entry recorded for 29 Sep 15]
 30/9/15 Gunner Copeland No. 99573 promoted act. Corporal for good conduct & good service.
SUVLA1/10/15 The guns firing at 20.07 was bearing 120o from 117.G.5.  Flashes very distinctly seen.
 2/10/15 33rd Infy Bde report.  Am still worried by enemy sharp shooter from BENCH MARK.  Will you put two rounds shrapnel on that target.
   C.R.A. IX Corps wires.  That as only one shell guage is available, it will be used by R.A.R. and R.A.L. alternately for periods of two or 3 days.  During this period at least 20 rounds H.E. per gun should be selected so as to be able to carry on when this guage is not available.  If more than this can be done, so much the better.  Whenever a battery is asked by the Infy to engage a target at night or during an attack by day an immediate report must be made by telephone stating who made the request, to whom it was made & what the target is, also whether rapid or slow fire is asked for, & number of rounds if mentioned.
 3/10/15 From R.A. LEFT.  There is a howitzer right up KEUPRU DERE nullah shelling CHOCOLATE HILL.  Thin smoke can only be seen, exact position cannot be given.
   Message from B.M. R.A.L.  Have everything in readiness for prompt opening of fire tonight if called for by our Infty.
   To R.A.L.  B Battery is firing at 19.30 & 19.45 tonight by arrangements with 88TH Infty Bde.
  22.45To R.A.Left.  A Battery fired 8 rds gun fire at a working party at the request of Bgdr 34TH Infty Bde.
SUVLA4/10/1516.21B Battery report firing at gun in square 105.F.7.  K.3.
  17.15H.E. may be used with 85 fuze if inserted with Cocoanut Oil.
 5/10/1509.51From S.C. R.A.L.  How many fuzes No.80 do you require to complete your shrapnel after fuzzing H.E. with fuze No.85?  What have you done with the fuzes removed from the H.E.  Have the unfuzed shrapnel plugs in them, or how are they closed.
  10.00To R.A.L.  80 H.E. have had 85 fuzes fixed & the No.80 fuzes from these have been put into 80 shrapnel.  I have plenty of 85 fuzes to fuze every H.E. if necessary.
  14.01From B.M. R.A.L. Inform 2/Lieut Bull [2/Lt Roland O Bull of D/58] it is safe to fire on GREEN KNOLL by day.
SUVLA6/10/1510.07The large gun that has just been firing above our heads is practically in square 136.O.6.  They have just fired again.
  11.35From S.C. R.A.L.  Identity discs are to be worn by all ranks at all times.  C.O.s are held responsible that this order is carried out.
  15.45Suspicious aircraft over KARAKOL RIDGE.
  08.273 Howitzers reported 105.K.1/2.
  15.55Navy open fire on PIMPLE from SUVLA BAY, taken up on N. side by some unseen people, possible Hows, Field Guns, or Heavy’s, or even Navy, impossible to tell owing to HILL.  Sounds more like Navy than anything else.  
  16.15C Battery took up the firing, also B’s target was 136.M.8/3, rate 20 secs.  
  15.55C. target was AGHILL 136.V.9 & track to V.2.
   A Batteries section on the plain also opened at this hour on trenches between 135.U.6 & 136.Q.5.  Same rate for all batteries, 3 rds per min, whether single gun, section or battery.
  16.20A section in old position open fire on 136.H.9 at 4700 approximate
  16.15Gun of D Battery on N. side of RIDGE to open fire on 136.M.1.
  16.20D right section will open fire & sweep track 136.R.1. to 8 at same rate of fire.
  16.10D section opened on 136.L.9 T.S. used H.E. if opportunity offers.
   It was not anticipated that much H.E. would be used as nearly all the shooting was being done from the map.  In nearly all the cases the target were invisible even to the O.S. this considerably increased the difficulties.  The Infantry took no part in this show & there did not appear to be much retaliation on the part of the Turks.  A few shells came round our way, but none of them very close.
  16.432/Lieut Jones says all guns from WINDMILLS can be clearly seen, each time they fired he saw the smoke from them.  
  16.45Few shells from enemy still coming over, mostly H.E. pieces (Iron Rations) plentiful.
  17.21Message from S.C. R.A.L.  Lieut Hunt & 82 men are i/c of horses & transport 58TH & 59TH Bde at MUDROS.
  16.23Gun reported firing from 136.O.6. (Hows.) were firing at them, this is a large gun or howitzer out of range.
  18.37D Battery fired 2 rds at request of Infty.
  21.30Following to proceed to MUDROS by 07.30 boat from LITTLE WEST BEACH on Friday [8 Oct].  MAJOR R C REEVES, CAPTN HEYWOOD & 2/LIEUT HAYTER.  Application for boat to be made to A.Q.M.G. [Assistant Quartermaster General] IX Corps by you direct.  The following arrive tonight LIEUT MCKLUSKER, 2/LIEUT’S FRENCH, STEEL & DALTON & 81 other ranks.  Send representative to find them at ‘A’ Beach at 0600 tomorrow. They disembark about 0300, not known which pier. MAJOR BATCHELOR joins you tomorrow from R.A.R. [Royal Artillery Right wing].  Maj REEVES & others to report to Base Commandant MUDROS on arrival.
 7/10/15 O.O. A Battery reports gun probably field firing now from 137.X.1/4, observation officer is sure this is not the gun previously known in 119.B.3/6.
  08.20In future an officer of Infy Bde. Staff will test telephone communications of Batteries or Sections furnishing Artillery Support to that Brigade Daily.
  8.2If you have just been firing at Battery in KEUPRU DERE nullah R.A. Right reports you were 150 yds to Left and quite 100 yds short.
  18.05G.O.C.IX Corps wants short report from F.O.O.s on points noticed during yesterdays bombardment.  Especially from officers who could observe BENCH MARK, PIMPLE or KIDNEY HILL.
  18.30Message from B.M. R.A.L.  All telephone cables must be properly marked with semi-circular tin discs as previously ordered & regularly patrolled.  They must be laid clear of roads or paths where possible & where they cross they should be buried or aired.
  22.30Send the surplus men over 81 to report to 59TH Bde.
  20.59C.R.A. IX Corps remarks he has noticed to many very high bursts from 18prs lately.
SUVLA8/10/1507.30To C.R.A. Right Flank: 38 other ranks reinforcements for 59TH Bde leaving here in 4 parties at 10 min intervals.  Your men escorting baggage leave 18.30.  Please send guides to meet them at your end of beach.
  11.08Message from B.M. R.A.L.  Did any officer observe to 4 rds fired by Navy & PIMPLE yesterday at 16.30.  Did they appear correct.
  11.23To R.A.L.  One officer says he saw 2 rds hit the PIMPLE about that time.  Could not say where they came from.
  17.03Two field guns now firing in this direction are bearing 80o & 83o from 117.G.5.
  14.46Howitzer now shelling beach is in square 119.I.3.
 9/10/15 Two individuals, one short & thick set and 1 tall dressed as officers giving names of Mr Shaw & Mr Jones, Lancashire Fusiliers, where in XI Divn lines yesterday.  They do not belong to that Battalion.  Information is required as to whether they visited your lines, & if they asked any questions.  They went out through the front line at 135.Z.2.
 10/10/1511.45Taking view of Turkish trenches, the trench 180.H.5 seems a very suitable target for Howitzers.
SUVLA11/10/1509.29Captn Hayley has arrived for Command of A Battery vice Batchelor who will receive orders later.  Send guide to M.L.O.s office to meet Captn HAYLEY.  
  11.20Howitzer 137.M.4 now firing.
  17.34Turkish officer lately captured stated only half his company have Mausers, remainder Martinis, Mannlichers & an old pattern Mausers.  Have you any evidence to report this.  Old Mausers have different report to new ones, & Martinis believed to fire black powder.
  18.35Message to S.C.R.A.L.  To what Batteries were the following officers posted.  MAJOR BATCHELOR, 2/LIEUTS DOLPHIN, FRENCH & STEEL. 
  21.25D Battery fired 3 rounds at request 33rd Infy Bde.  Same old scare.  Nothing serious.
 12/10/1513.42Wire magnetic bearing of Southernmost tree of 3 POPLARS.
  14.08To R.A.L.  Magnetic bearing 133o from trench 46.  117.F 100 yds WEST of Six.
  19.04A few rounds fired by D Btty at request of 33rd Infy Bde.
  20.00Commenced to rain, presumably only a shower.
 13/10.1516.05Turks have destroyed Aeroplane which was forced to descend on SALT LAKE.  Gun 119.B.3 which was engaged by Navy reported firing again.
  13.58Message from B.M. R.A.L.  If not already left MAJOR BATCHELOR to retn to 59th FAB today.
  15.40Report from C Btty.  2 rds fired at 15.10 by one of the Batteries seemed to be prematures.  A third rd fired immediately afterwards seemed also to have something wrong with it as it passed over my observation station.
 14/10.1509.47Message from S.C. R.A.L.  Have you any rifles not sighted to fire Mk VII ammn.
  18.47Message from B.M. R.A.L.  Corps Commander wishes all possible information obtained from F.O.O.s of Ravine, square 136.R.S.T.U. especially T.3 / Y.1.  It is under contemplation to shell these ravines later on.  Please send reports to up 12.00 on 16th inst.
  19.50C.R.A. wishes to have a conference with F.O.O.s tomorrow at 11.30.
 15/10/1509.19Message rec’d from S.C. R.A.L.  Please inform me how many Horses & Drivers have lately been sent away from SUVLA.  Also how many duty N.C.O.s were sent in charge.
   34th Infy Bde report 4.2 Howitzers shelled JEPHSONS POST & HAYMARKET yesterday at 16.30 is believed to be about 136.Y.2.  No guns have been reported near this spot, tell F.O.O.s to look out for it.
   To B Battery.  Enemy gun 106.A.2 firing at trenches about SULAJIK.  Working party observed at line between 118.2 & 105.F on BAKA BABA ROAD about 30 men.
  13.45Message from B.M. R.A.L.  Corps Commander will be visiting Batteries this afternoon with C.R.A. Left.  B.C.s except Howitzers & 15th H.B. to be in their Batteries, a guide from 57th F.A.B. will be on the look out at KARAKOL GAP to indicate observing station.
  14.16To B.M. R.A.L.  ‘A’ Observation post can see 136.T.3, 6, 6, 9 & 136.U.
   ‘C’ Battery 136.S.2, 3, 5 & 8, T.1, 3, 4, 6/7, 136.Y.
   D Battery cannot see any other them.
  14.02To S.C. R.A.L.  Drivers 103, Horses 225, duty N.C.O.s 6, Farriers & Saddlers not included in foregoing 6.
SUVLA16/10/15 106.M.N. presumably bivouac cannot locate position more accurately from my O.P.
  10.30From F.O.O. A Btty.  136.W.7 Turkish Headquarters & dug outs, also tent, visible from JEPHSON’S POST dug outs very deep.  Always active about 0700.
  15.18Gun about 119.B.3 now shelling BEACH.
   Flash of Turkish gun 137.X.7 [1 abbreviation unreadable] may be 119.B.3.
   Am running wire for observation purposes from A Btty observation post 117.X.8 to JEPHSON’S POST.  This wire will have loose end at JEPHSON’S POST & at night will be dead.  Wire will be marked with artillery discs.  Warn B.C.s in area concerned.
  10.10G.O.C. wishes every man to have one serviceable suit service dress at once, report to this office when each man has been supplied.  Serviceable khaki to be handed in to Ordnance.  Unserviceable destroyed.
  13.17Nothing observed in squares 136.R.S.T.U & Y by any F.O.O. today.
 17/10/1508.51To R.A.L.  Gun square 119.B.3 C.1 now firing.
  10.46To R.A.L.  Believe the Howitzers firing 5.9 H.E. at our Howitzers to be 106.O. in the hollow running through point 2.
  12.30To R.A.L.  Re circular R.A. Aerial Observation Officers, recommended 2/Lieut J. M. BURD, light weight, can read morse slowly.  Permanent commission.
  18.40Large field gun firing on 116.F 117.A from 119.C.1. 
 18/10/1510.25Guns firing from 116.O.2.  Believe to be 2 Howitzers.  Smoke observed from KEUPRU DERE, 105.F.4.
  12.15Message from B.M. R.A.L.  C.R.A. wishes to meet MAJOR MEYRICKE today to go to his observation station, & also to select position for guns for wire cutting experiment.  What time would suit Major Meyricke best.  C.R.A. proposes meeting him at C Btty.  Major Meyricke will meet C.R.A. at 1500 at C Btty.
  12.25Reference your report on unsatisfactory detonation with 85 fuzes, were the gaines [booster charges] left in the shell.  It is intended that the 85 fuzes should be on top of the gaines.
  13.43Gun firing on beach from 137.X.8.  Heavy Battery & Howitzer replied.
  14.00There is a pow wow of sorts going on at 136.T.2 about 15o there, give them [1 word unreadable] shrapnel.  R.A.R. can observe if you cannot.
 19/10/1514.23Can Sergt. Major meet General tomorrow instead of officer as otherwise no officer will be left with Battery at HILL 10.
  17.55Yes.  Meet General at 86th Bde Infy lines at 14.45.  Corps Commander wishes all officers who can be spared to witness experiment.
SUVLA20/10/15 [From this point, the War Diary is written in different hand-writing]
   Issue of 2nd Blanket approved by GOC IXth Corps not yet put into execution – no Blankets available.
  10.38C Battery report gun on right dimple just fired 4 rnds on the plain.
  15.40Wire cutting experiment carried by order of Corps by B Batt witnessed by [1 word unclear, possibly GOS, i.e. General Officers] Corps & Div.  Gap of 10 yards cut with 40 rounds shrapnel – Turks did not retaliate as much as expected, tho B Batt section got a bit shelled no one was hit.
 21/10/15 Gun firing on our troops in 117.M smoke observed from nullah 105.F.
   One of our O.O.’s reports gun on KAVAK TEPE located at 119.B-C.4 this was eventually definitely located as 137.X.7 – flash plainly visible at time.
  08.30Two red crescent flags reported 118.U.1 – gun firing on our trenches 118.M.1 could not locate them light very bad – Turks very fond of putting up Red Crescent flags to screen working parties.  We cannot shoot on them even tho’ we can see distinctly the work going on as it would endanger our Hospitals.
 22/10/15 Nil
 23/10/1504.15Gun firing on beach bearing 111 deg from hill 10.
  09.58Gun firing on ships from 137.X.7.
  12.16Request for nos to complete – 2 subalterns, 50 O.R. [Other Ranks]
  12.00Expenditure limited to 10 rnds per gun per day average by order 9th Corps.
  14.17Dummy guns arrive and unloaded – Mr Jones work them over.
  16.12Howitzer shelling trenches from Behind Hill 112 – 105.T U.
  18.59A Batt firing 8 rounds 136.V.9 at request of Infy.
  21.54D Battery fired 8 rounds at request of Infy.
SUVLA24/10/15Tobacco mouldy had same changed.
  18.37D Battery firing 25 rounds at intervals at request of Infantry from 20.00 – 21.00.
  21.56A Battery firing at intervals at request of Infty.
  10.03Following will join you it is hoped at an early date: 2Lt H G HOTBLACK, 2Lieut T PIM, 2Lt J K VON SPEDEN & 41 other ranks. [It is very likely that none of these officers did in fact join 58 Bde]
   Cable from ALEXANDRIA re BANKS 55900 of C Batt [Gunner John Henry Banks]  – this man was wrongly reported wounded – He was wounded but not admitted as he was fit for duty.
 25/10/1509.0360 F.A.B. [60 Bde RFA] expected tonight – Section on KARAKOL DAGH will replace section of D/58.  Section to be placed on south side of ridge so that they can fire on north side of PIMPLE through KARAKOL GAP.  Please reconnoitre and inform me if this can be done from present position of right hand gun & select provisional sight for 2nd gun.
  09.15Following officer has been attached R.N.A.S. for month: 2Lieut J. M. BURD.  Please say when he can be spared.  Replied soon as reinforcement officers arrive – received orders to send him today.
  14.35Col Drake [Lt Col H M Drake, OiC 58 Bde]  to meet Bde Maj at 1815 tonight to discuss placing of Batteries which it is proposed to move.  Gen DUFFUS is not well.
  20.53Gun fired towards Kidney Hill bearing 76o from 117.R.6/8.
  21.15Two guns bearing 102o firing on our trenches – 
  20.47A Battery fired at request of Infantry.
SUVLA26/10/1511.02R.A. Left wanted to know if we have located gun shelling them for ¾ hour – reply no but believe to be 96o & 102o from 117.R.9.  These guns only visible by night from the flash. 
   Authority asked for QMS WHITE J to proceed to SUVLA vice Collins – sick.
  15.38R.A. Left asking if any of our F.O.O.s could observe result of Naval fire on 137.G.3 to 137.H.7.
   Reply no – points indicated not visible.
   Staff Capt wires.  Owing to a mistake Right Flank officers sent to Left flank & Left Flank officers sent to Right (of new draft).  We therefore get 2Lieuts NORTON J. E., BEVAN E. C. & LEWIS P. T. & 41 other ranks – these officers were posted to Batteries , 2Lieut NORTON to B, 2Lieut Bevan to C, 2Lieut Lewis to D.  9 men to B, 10 men to C, 11 men to D – 9 men to A & 2 to Col.
  21.00A Battery firing at 21.00 at 136.V.1/4 at request of Infty.
 27/10/15 R.A.L. asking how H.E. shell been working with 85 fuzes instead of 80/44 – replied Battery Commanders think detonation with 85 fuze bad – & 80/44 quite good fuze provided shell of proper gauge.
  14.27One section A/58 will move tonight to position being vacated by C/55.  One section 60 F.A.B. will replace above section.  A/58 C/55 will not be clear til 2100 – etc.  Remainder of above batteries will probably complete moves tomorrow.
 28/10/15 Reported A/58 section move last night satisfactory.  
   Rest of move carried out as above.
  16.046000 sandbags arranged for between 29th Div and IXth Div for D Batt.  Bde Head Quarters moved further forward – good quarters – & better conditions.
SUVLA29/10/15 One section D Battery moving tonight being replaced by 60 F.A.B.  This was carried out.
 30/10/15 R.A. Left asking for following positions (a) firing battery wagons, (b) first line wagons, (c) Amm column wagons, (d) other vehicles – whether with guns or on beach or overseas.
   a)  A – 117.H.3;  B – 117.R.9;  C – 117.H.7/8;  D – 117.I.3 J.1
   b)  A – 117.GK;  B – 116.P.8/9;  C – 117.H.7/8;  D not yet in position
   c)   A – 117.H.3;  B – 117.R.9;  C – 117.H.7/8;  D not yet in position.
   Urgent wire from R.A. Left for position selected for D Battery – 117.N.2/3.
   Capt J. MARSDEN will be attached to D/57 F.A.B. from tomorrow for the purpose of being instructed & gaining experience in fighting a field unit & in observing fire.  D/57 will send an officer to be attached to 58 F.A.B. Amm Col in his place.  These attachments will be only temporary – these two officers will join their new units tomorrow.
  19.26Considerable movement noticed daily in square 137.L.5 to 137.L.7. chiefly early in a.m.  11th Div anxious that movement should not go on unimpeded – be prepared to search gully at about 0800 tomorrow – nothing happened.  Observation impossible.
 31/10/15 Staff Capt wants nos by 1200 today of ranks required to complete – officers NIL.  Other ranks 25  gunners.
  12.20Section D/58 on ridge will be withdrawn tonight section B/60 F.A.B. will replace same.  Move completed.  All batteries now in position.
  18.37Reported to R.A. Left that 86th Inf Bde to whom we are now attached & whose front we cover reported that of about 40 shells fired into their trenches or at them on two burst.
  19.06Query about cells inerts.  S. asked for 24 to replace dead ones.  All spares very hard indeed to get.

Very disappointingly, the War Diary for 58 Bde is missing for the months of November 1915 to June 1916 so only re-start on 1 Jul 1916 as the unit is about to arrive in France from Egypt. This means we do not have the diary for the unit’s withdrawal from Gallipoli, nor its time defending the Suez Canal.

We do know though from the War Diary of the Commander Royal Artillery of the Left Flank when the various elements of 58 Bde were withdrawn:
30 Nov – one section of A/58
9 Dec – one section of D/58
12 Dec – rest of D/58
13 Dec – one section of B/58
16 Dec – 167 officers and men from across RA Left Flank
18 Dec – rest of A/58 and B/58,
and on 19 Dec 15, the day before the final evacuation of Allied forces from Suvla Bay, all of C/58 were evacuated.

Most unusually, one of the brigade’s batteries, C/58, also kept a War Diary for this same period and this is transcribed below. Although much shorter than the brigade’s diary, it provides a good insight into life on the front line.

War Diary of C/58, 29 June – 29 October 1915

WITLEY29.6.1510.30Received orders to proceed overseas.
ALEXANDRIA12.7.1511.30Arrived ALEXANDRIA & finished disembarking horses at 2200.  Proceeded to ZAHRIEH CAMP 14.7.xv.  Received orders for further move & to split battery into 4 parties.  The 1st party consisting of one corporal & 7 men embarked on 24.7.xv with guns & wagons.  The 2nd party embarked on another transport (HMT INKOSI) and sailed 29.7.xv.  The 3rd Party with the battery horses embarked on HMT SUEVIC on 3.8.xv & reached LEMNOS early on 6.8.xv & at noon the 2nd party joined the 3rd party on HMT SUEVIC & sailed on 6.8.xv & anchored in SUVLA BAY at 0500 7.8.xv, but it was not until the 11.8.xv that the last man of the battery landed.  
SUVLA13.8.1518.00Eight horse teams under Battery Commander [Capt Edgar John Franklin] set out for ANZAC where the first party with the guns & wagons had been landed & under the charge of NEW ZEALAND officers had done very good work particularly on 8.8.xv.  On the march to ANZAC the teams were heavily shelled as they crossed the beach & on arrival at ANZAC a guide was provided by the NEW ZEALAND contingent to shew the way across country as the beach was impractable [sic] owing to the loose sand.  The battery returned to its bivouac shortly before daybreak with only one slight casualty.
14.8.15Guns & wagons were overhauled early in the morning whilst Battery Commander proceeded to Northern side of SUVLA BAY to reconnoitre a position for the battery, which was occupied directly after nightfall, the men working until nearly daybreak digging.
15.8.1508.30Battery opened fire for first time.  The shooting was regular & great damage was inflicted on the Turks.  Owing to lack of telephone wires, the forward observing station could not be moved forward when the infantry advanced and owing to the nature of the country visual signalling could not be employed.
16.8.15Orders received to register on Turkish trenches on the West slopes of KIDNEY HILL which were so effectually carried out that the undergrowth caught fire & drove the Enemy out of their trenches.  Eight horses were killed & 4 injured by the bursting of a high explosive shell in the middle of the horses lines on the beach.
17.8.15Enemy very quiet all day.
18.8.15The battery was shelled nearly all day long both by Shrapnel & by high explosive, one corporal & two gunners were hit & the water cart riddled, which made the question of obtaining water even more difficult than before.
19.8.15Enemy batteries busy all day but fortunately only one casualty.  Great difficulty experienced in watering the horses for the troughs are shelled as soon as anybody approaches them.
20.8.15Fairly quiet day.  Gunners busy preparing fresh emplacements as the new zone was nearly at right angles to the last one.  One driver and his horse injured by shrapnel whilst horses were being watered.
21.8.1514.30Opened rapid rate of fire on roads leading to ANAFARTA SAGIR as a preliminary to an attack by our infantry which was timed to commence at 1500.  Continued firing until 1730.  During whole of this time Battery was heavily shelled but had no casualties.
27.8.15Battery heavily shelled but no casualties.
28.8.15Wagon line shelled soon after daybreak, 8 horses hit by one shell.
29.8.15Engaged an enemy gun which very quickly stopped firing.
31.8.15Wagon line shelled resulting in loss of one horse.
1.9.15After a quiet day Turks attacked on the left of our line just after dark.  Opened fire at rapid rate but after an hour attack failed.
2.9.15Wagon line heavily shelled as a result of bodies of infantry bathing in close proximity.
5.9.15Engaged section of guns in the morning.
9.9.1520 NCOs & men with 38 horses embarked for ALEXANDRIA.
10.9.15Brisk artillery duel in the morning, which ended as suddenly as it had started.
13.9.1517.30Opened fire on body of Turks who were presumably digging gun emplacements.
18.9.15Considerable activity on part of Turkish batteries during whole day which resulted in no damage to the battery.
19.9.15Opened fire on 3 enemy guns which quickly stopped firing.  Shelled gullies & snipers posts, close to infantry trenches, from which constant sniping had taken place, causing damage to working parties.
21.9.1511.45Opened fire on Turkish redoubt where considerable number of men were at work, these quickly took cover.
24.9.15Received orders to gauge every shell to avoid “prematures”.  All hands at work scraping paint off those which would not pass gauge.
27.9.1517.00Sudden burst of rifle fire along whole line, supported infantry with rapid rate of fire but no attack developed.
5.10.15Engaged enemy battery that was shelling our support trenches & which quickly stopped firing.
6.10.1516.15Opened fire on enemy trenches & works at BENCH MARK & PIMPLE simultaneously with naval & field guns of other batteries but failed to observe any sign of enemy leaving their trenches.  Battery & observing station heavily shelled but no casualties.
7.10.15Received draft of 1 officer [2/Lt Cecil Charles French] & 28 NCO’s & men.  Infantry bathing parade drew fire on battery.  Located section of guns which quickly stopped firing.
8.10.1513.003 guns opened fire on battery but ceased firing as soon as we replied.  Transferred 11 NCO’s & men to 59th Bde.  All hands engaged diverting mule track with result that dust raised has been considerably reduced.
13.10.15After quiet morning heavy bombardment from enemy guns with shrapnel & HE but no casualties.
16.10.1504.00Stood by as very heaving firing was heard in ANZAC zone, but everything remained quiet on own front.  
18.05Orders received to open fire on column of infantry on BAKA BABA road as quickly as possible but owing to light it was impossible to see the effect.
17.10.1508.30Battery heavily shelled until 10.30 but no casualties.
25.10.15Located enemy battery which had shelled our trenches at intervals during the day & which stopped firing as soon as engaged.
26.10.15Received draft of one officer [2/Lt Edgar Cyril Bevan] & 10 NCOs & men.
11.45Turkish batteries shelled whole of front line trenches for 15 minutes, stood by but no attack developed.
29.10.1519.00Heavy bombardment on ANZAC zone, stood by until infantry informed me they did not require support.

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